Unique customer experiences in the digital age ‒ Mobile World Congress

27. Feb / 20, 21. Mar 2018
Barcelona / Andorra

700.00 €

Turn your Business into a Customer-Centric Digital Organisation


Connecting with the consumers’ emotions and optimising their comfort while shopping has become the key when it comes to designing customer-centric memorable experiences. Customers want to feel special and have the same experiences and emotions in both online and offline worlds.How can we complement the physical and the virtual world?Will they continue to coexist?

The large volumes of data and their detailed analysis help us improve the customer experience. This makes it easier anticipate their needs with a "surprise" effect in order to obtain an emotional connection and customer loyalty.

Multi-channel strategies both simplify and unify the customer experience in their life cycle in a more efficient way, and social networks are no longer just marketing tools, but have also become essential across the value chain.

Discover from the retail sector’s perspective:

  • New trends and changing needs in the digital age.
  • New models of relationship between the various agents and the creation of new ecosystems.
  • How to improve business products and services (B2B /B2C) with the latest innovations and technological breakthroughs relevant to the sector.
  • How to optimise internal business processes to gain flexibility.
  • Success stories which provide clear examples and help draw up courses of action in the sector.
  • Windows of opportunity for your company, through specialised workshops.

As a source of inspiration and to help you to become acquainted with the sector's highly-innovative solutions, we will provide you with a 4-day accreditation for the Mobile World Congress, where you will take a guided tour of the stands of several selected companies.


Session 1 Tour Feb 27 (13:0018:00h)

  • Welcome (MWC Broadcast Village Sala 9)
  • Keynote:Your strategy, the engine of transformation.Evolution or revolution?
  • Guided tour:Discover real innovative solutions and their impact on business

Session 2 March 20 (09:00 14:00)

  • Dynamic ice-breaker
  • New models of relations for the new digital consumer
  • Networking
  • Your strategy, the engine of transformation: we review the key points
  • Workshop (I):The new digital taxonomy in your sector.How does your value chain change?

Session 3 March 21 (09:00 14:00)

  • Real cases:Creation of value experiences in the digital age
  • Networking
  • Round table:  How to speed up your business in the digital age?
  • Workshop (I) (continued)

In collaboration with:

27. Feb
MWC Broadcast Village
Mobile World Congress
Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via
20. Mar
Golden Tulip Hotel
Carrer Prat Gran, 3-5
Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra
21. Mar
Golden Tulip Hotel
Carrer Prat Gran, 3-5
Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra

Get to know the experts

Marc Cortés

Marc Cortés

General Manager and Academic Colaborator

RocaSalvatella and ESADE

Carlos Cuffí

Carlos Cuffí

Programme Director, Digital Transformation

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Pol Hortal

Pol Hortal

Growth & Marketing Expert

MWCB Collaborator

Itziar Cacho

Itziar Cacho

Regional Business Director

Pangea Travel Store

Jaume Portell

Jaume Portell



Francesca Danzi

Francesca Danzi

Burberry Ex-Global Director of Retail Experience

Danzi Consulting

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