The power of data -Mobile World Congress

16, 17 - 27. Feb

1,200.00 €

Lead your organization to becoming data-driven Meet Big Data solutions in Mobile World Congress and be part of the Community.


Discover the hidden insights of your business through Big Data.

Big Data is all about obtaining fact-based answers to key business questions. How do my customers behave in this hyperconnected world? What can I learn from it? Are my products/services adequate? Can I o er them additional value?

Being able to answer these questions will allow you to reap competitive advantages ranging from improving your cost e iciency to new services and revenue streams.

By participating in this programme, you will get a 360º view of the power of data. You will learn:

  • How the trend towards the datification of society is generating opportunities.
  • How to make data-based business decisions.
  • What are the privacy and security challenges.
  • What is required to put the Big Data promise into practice: know the tools.
  • What are the ethicaland legal implications of data collection and use.
  • How to succeed in rolling-out the Big Data framework in your organization.

To help you move forward towards action, the price includes a 4-day pass to the Mobile World Congress, where you will engage in a tour through selected stands to see and experience highly innovative Big Data solutions.

You can also participate in the optional brokerage event which will be held during Mobile World Congress by ACCIÓ, where you will directly meet potential business partners (either as customers or suppliers, depending on your needs).

Start using Big Data to make decisions based on real facts, transform your business and take full advantage of the digital economy.


Session 1

  • The datification of society and reality in the new economy
  • Big data as a business success factor
  • Workshop I 
  • Technology and processes models: all you need to know to make a choice

Session 2

  • Sagrada Familia: tra ic management insights through IoT and Big Data
  • Real big data business case
  • Privacy, security and regulation: where are the limits
  • Experts panel
  • Workshop II
  • Roadmap for becoming a data-driven organization

Session 3
Mobile World Congress

  • Guided tour: Experience the next wave of Big Data solutions

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16. Feb
mVenturesBcn - Pier 01
Plaça de Pau Vila
17. Feb
mVenturesBcn - Pier 01
Plaça de Pau Vila
27. Feb
Mobile World Congress
Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via

Get to know the experts

Carlos Pérez

Carlos Pérez

Head of Information Technology & Attorney


Albert Solana

Albert Solana

Business Development Manager

Synergic Partners

Marc Torrent

Marc Torrent

Big Data Analytics Director


Hugo Sánchez

Hugo Sánchez

Chief Operating Officer


Xavier Suñol

Xavier Suñol

Responsable Projectes Estratègics en Direcció de Turisme.

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Carlos Cuffí

Carlos Cuffí

Programme Director, Digital Transformation

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Bárbara Vallespín

Bárbara Vallespín

Market Access Manager


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