Mobility / Transportation

The power of connectivity in the mobility business

28. Sep - 05. Oct

250.00 €

How IoT is improving transport and logistics.


One of the most relevant challenges for the transport and logistics industry is to become transformed into integrated mobility companies and identify new ways to transport people and goods in a more efficient, safe and different way.

Real-time access to data is one of the most valuable factors for companies, which helps them identify opportunities to improve performance and operational efficiency. Besides, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, which make personalised management possible, enable transport and logistics companies to take advantage of new solutions to improve their management, thereby increasing their productivity.

Discover how to raise profitability through remote management of your fleet, how public-private collaboration influences development of connected cars, the challenge of autonomous vehicles, and how the data gathered can help reduce costs, optimise delivery times of goods or improve customer experience.

The programme includes access to BROKERAGE EVENT (organized by ACCIÓ with the support of Enterprise Europe Networks), where you can find partners for international cooperation, sales and licensing agreements, joint ventures, subcontracting, technology transfer or R + D projects.


Session 1

  • Digital transformation of the transport sector management of the mobility business and its digital products and services
  • Workshop: The new taxonomy of the mobility business
  • Real business cases: Firsthand knowledge of how companies are taking advantage of digital technologies
  • Round-table: How to lead your organization from transport to mobility

Session 2
IoT Solutions World Congress

  • Guided tour: Discover real innovative connectivity solutions for transport and automotion

In colaboration with:

28. Sep
mVenturesBcn - Pier 01
Plaça de Pau Vila
05. Oct
IoT Solutions World Congress
Fira de Barcelona – Gran Via

Get to know the experts

Jose Nascimento

Jose Nascimento

Head of SEAT Metropolis Lab Barcelona

Grupo Volkswagen

Oriol Marimon

Oriol Marimon



David Costa

David Costa

Co-Founder & CIO


Carlos Cuffí

Carlos Cuffí

Programme Director, Digital Transformation

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Albert Castelltort

Albert Castelltort

Innovation Strategy & Management Expert

Mobile World Capital Barcelona Collaborator

Pol Hortal

Pol Hortal

Growth & Marketing Expert

MWCB Collaborator

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