Digital Transformation – Strategy for the Digital Era

28. Nov

Immerse yourself in digital transformation by making use of your business strategy as a catalyst for change.


To successfully lead digital transformation, it is essential to understand that strategy must be the driving force of change.

Not only is it a matter of incorporating technology to “digitise” your business, but of understanding how new technologies and innovation can serve as a lever to reach strategic objectives in your business.In this context, GoingDigital OPEN offers a viewpoint from a multi-sector perspective where experts with different profiles share their vision and real experience when it comes to taking advantage of the opportunities that arise in the digital age.

Jaume Clotet, Partner of KPMG Digital Services, initiates the session with his insightful presentation on the main trends and practices for successfully approaching digital transformation.Following this, three executives who have already successfully tackled digital transformation in their companies share their experiences, knowledge and considerations. Three exceptional professionals from banking, insurance and health sectors will be present:

  • Jaume Clotet, Partner Digital Services / KPMG
  • Pablo de Porcioles, Chief Commercial Officer / Top Doctors.
  • Julio Marínez, Executive Director at Innocells / Banc Sabadell

After listening to the experts' keys to success, we will invite you to take part in an open round-table and raise questions, express your thoughts and share your opinions on the topics discussed during the session.

The GoingDigital OPEN will end with a Networking session including a coffee and snacks; in this informal context, small group conversations can be extremely enriching.

Are you prepared to lead the change? We look forward to seeing you.


Carlos Cuffí, Digital Transformation Director / MWCB

Jaume Clotet, Partner Digital Services / KPMG

Real cases:

  • Pablo de Porcioles, Chief Commercial Officer / Top Doctors.
  • Julio Marínez, Executive Director at Innocells / Banc Sabadell

Experts panel


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28. Nov
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Get to know the experts

Carlos Cuffí

Carlos Cuffí

Programme Director, Digital Transformation

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Jaume Clotet

Jaume Clotet

Partner Digital Services


Julio Martínez

Julio Martínez

Executive Director

InnoCells (Banc Sabadell)

Pablo de Porcioles

Pablo de Porcioles

Chief Commercial Officer Europe

Top Doctors

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