New challenges and opportunities for digital transformation in Industry 4.0 - II

9. May 2019

300.00 €

Discover, from a strategic point of view, how to develop your business to meet the needs of this sector.


More connected and efficient factories, intelligent products, personalisation and speed. The opportunities offered by new technologies to industry have evolved exponentially. The digitisation of information has progressed towards an analytical intelligence that enhances industrial processes and facilitates monitoring and traceability.

It is essential to invest in digital solutions that are aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation. To this end, in addition to offering an insight into the latest trends and opportunities provided by the digital era, a specific workshop methodology has been developed to promote decision-making. Discover, from the Industry 4.0 perspective:

  • What the current trends are and the digital opportunities they offer.
  • How new technologies can respond to these opportunities.
  • Success stories to learn first-hand how companies in the sector have addressed their transformation; what their challenges and solutions have been.
  • A methodology for charting a roadmap of digital transformation through specialised workshops, using strategy as a driver for change.


Sesión 1 - 9. May (9:00h - 14:00h)

  • (9:00-9:30) Welcome coffee
  • (9:30-9:35) Programe Introduction
  • (9:35-10:00) Digital Transformation Trends in Industry 4.0
  • (10:00-10:40) Success stories
  • (10:40-11:10) Round Table
  • (11:10-11:40) Coffee Networking
  • (11:40-13:45) Workshop
  • (13:45-14:00) Key learnings

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