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From the traditional to the connected tourist - Mobile World Congress

22. Feb, 27. Feb

1,000.00 €

Learn how offer more personalised experiences and discover new ways to connect with your clients


The transformation of traditional tourists into connected tourists presents companies from this sector and others in the area of culture a "smart" city setting with a great opportunity to assess new business models, products and services.

The most innovative and disruptive technology and the new technological hubs have become tools that make it possible for companies to establish a more personalised and bidirectional connection with their customers.

Companies can improve their performance and profits, optimise their operations and evolve from a mindset solely focused on the product to a service-oriented approach.

Discover from the tourism sector’s perspective:

  • New trends and changing needs in the digital age.
  • New models of relationship between the various actors and the creation of new ecosystems.
  • How to improve the products and services of business (B2 /B2C) with the latest innovations and technological breakthroughs relevant to the sector.
  • How to optimise internal business processes to gain flexibility.
  • Success stories which provide clear examples and help draw up courses of action in the sector.
  • Windows of opportunity for your company through specialised workshops.

To help you take the initiative, you will be provided with a 4-day accreditation for the Mobile World Congress, where you will take a guided tour of the stands of several selected companies to see highly innovative solutions for dealing with customers.


Session - 22. Feb (08:45 - 14:00h)

  • New tourism: evolution or revolution? The importance of investing in new business and operational models
  • The impact of Digital Transformation on the tourism industry
  • Workshop: The new taxonomy of the value chain of the tourism sector
  • Real case: Sagrada Familia. Traffic management with IoT
  • Real case: The power of travel intelligence when making strategic decisions

Guided tour - 27. Feb

Guided tour (2h 30'): Discover real innovative solutions and their impact on business

  • Morning (10:45 -14:00h)

In collaboration with:

22. Feb
mVenturesBcn - Pier 01
Plaça de Pau Vila, 1
Guided tour
28. Feb
Mobile World Congress
Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via

Get to know the experts

Marc Cortés

Marc Cortés

General Manager and Academic Colaborator

RocaSalvatella and ESADE

Xavier Suñol

Xavier Suñol

Responsable Projectes Estratègics en Direcció de Turisme.

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Carlos Cuffí

Carlos Cuffí

Programme Director, Digital Transformation

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Albert Castelltort

Albert Castelltort

Innovation Strategy & Management Expert

Mobile World Capital Barcelona Collaborator

Pol Hortal

Pol Hortal

Growth & Marketing Expert

MWCB Collaborator

Santi Camps

Santi Camps

Founder & CEO


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