Strategy for the application of 3D priting in the Digital Age

11. Oct, 18. Oct 2018

250.00 €

Discover how to make a qualitative leap in the organization and management of your value chain.

This experience is offered in collaboration with ACCIÓN for a group of selected companies. If your are interested in participate in the programme, please contact us at



The digitisation of society and the new needs of customers demand greater speed, flexibility, quality, personalisation and sustainability. In order to address digital transformation and lead the challenges posed by 3D printing, the key is to do so from a strategic perspective.


To this end, in addition to offering a vision of the latest trends and technologies in 3D printing, a workshop methodology is being developed to facilitate decision-making in this process of digital transformation. The possibilities offered by new technologies are endless, from developing new customised products and speeding up innovation, prototyping and direct production processes, to reproducing complex geometries without assembly or developing circular economy policies based on optimisation of the use and/or consumption of materials.. It is essential to have a clear strategic vision and to invest only in those digital technologies and solutions that are truly aligned with the strategic and business objectives of the organisation.

The programme, organised by ACCIÓ with the collaboration of MWCBCN, begins with a morning session where you will discover from a 3D printing perspective the following:

  • What the current trends are and what digital opportunities they offer.
  • How 3D printing can respond to these opportunities.
  • Success stories to learn first-hand how companies in the sector have addressed their transformation; what their challenges and solutions have been.
  • A methodology to outline a roadmap for digital transformation through workshops on this subject, using strategy as a driver for change.

Afterwards, there will be a guided tour of the stands of the IoT Solutions World Congress, visiting a selection of companies that provide the most innovative solutions for 3D printing.

The price includes a personal accreditation to the IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions and access to the BROKERAGE EVENT (organised by ACCIÓ with the support of the Enterprise Europe Networks), where you will find partners for international cooperation, sales and licensing agreements, joint ventures, outsourcing, technology transfer or R&D projects.


Session 1 - 11. Oct (9:00h - 14:15h)

  • Digital Transformation (trends)
  • The impact of 3D printing on Digital Transformation
  • Workshop: Strategy for the application of 3D printing in the Digital Era
  • Real Cases
  • Round Table

Session 2 - 18. Oct (10:30h - 12:45h)

Guided visit to the exhibition of the most important 3D printing sectors at the IN(3D)USTRY

In collaboration with:

11. Oct
mVenturesBcn - Pier 01
Plaça de Pau Vila, 1
18. Oct 
Fira de Barcelona - Montjuïc

Get to know the experts

Pol Hortal

Pol Hortal

Growth & Marketing Expert

MWCB Collaborator

Rocío Mena

Rocío Mena

Host MWCB & Digital Programme Director


Aldo Sollazo

Aldo Sollazo



Jaume Homs

Jaume Homs

Iberia 3D Printing Sales Manager


Nuno Miguel das Neves

Nuno Miguel das Neves

Director / Co-Founder


Tomàs Megía

Tomàs Megía

3D Printing Industry Hub Coordinator


Arnau Valls

Arnau Valls

Innovation Engineer

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

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