Discovering the Open Innovation model that best suits your organisation

20. Nov 2018

Discover the Barcelona Innovation Hub and connect with the travel ecosystem to transform the industry


In the digital age, the enormous supply, along with increased global competition and customer’s new needs are forcing many industries to reinvent themselves and seek new ways of differentiation. At the “Travel Innovation Hub”, different industry players find a place to connect, collaborate and share knowledge so as to discover innovative solutions to common challenges in the sector.

As part of the "Travel Innovation Hub", arising from collaboration between Mobile World Capital and Gremi d'Hotels (hotel association), the second GoingDigital programme is being launched. By understanding the importance of collaborating and taking risks to innovate, this programme explores the different models of Collaborative Innovation in order to identify the one that best suits your organisation.

A programme in which experts from the sector offer their insights into the different models of Collaborative Innovation, the projects launched in their organisations in line with their business strategy, and the actions carried out to maximise the value provided by external ecosystems. Moreover, a specific workshop methodology is being developed to experience first-hand the advantages of this type of strategic collaboration.

An experience created to inspire you to lead change, connect with the Travel sector and understand how other organisations have approached Collaborative Innovation.

Discover from a Travel sector perspective:

  • What the current models of Collaborative Innovation are and the opportunities they provide.
  • Success stories to learn first-hand how companies in the sector have addressed Collaborative Innovation; what their challenges and solutions have been.
  • A methodology for charting a roadmap of Collaborative Innovation through a specialised workshop, using strategy as a driver for change.

Don't be left behind; be part of a community ready to innovate and make a difference.


Sesion 1 - 20. Nov (09:30h - 12:30h)

  • Models of Open Innovation: Deloitte Digital
  • Real case: Vueling Airlines
  • Real case: Hotelbeds
  • Real case: Sónar +D
  • Round Table

In collaboration with:

20. Nov
mVenturesBcn - Pier 01
Plaça de Pau Vila, 1

Get to know the experts

Rocío Mena

Rocío Mena

Host MWCB & Digital Programme Director


David Domingo

David Domingo

Head of Innovation Hub

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Rocío Abella

Rocío Abella


Deloitte Digital

Sergi Mesquida

Sergi Mesquida

Automation & Innovation Manager


Jonathan Guerrero

Jonathan Guerrero

Innovation Manager

Vueling Airlines

Astrid Rousse

Astrid Rousse

Manager Director

Sónar +D

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