General conditions

By using the application, the User will be able to purchase digital content and training services that are available or made available at any moment on the webpage GoingDigital.

Training services

The User shall be able to register for the training services of his interest, and may do so in the following manners:

  • Direct Purchase: An individual User (that is, in his personal capacity, or professional capacity within a company) who registers to any of the training courses offered, and pays for the costs of the course himself.
  • Purchase for third parties: A User who purchases various or all available spots of training courses on behalf of third parties, that is, for his employees, clients, or for any other third party whom the purchasing User has an interest in registering. MWCB shall give the purchasing User as many registration coupons as there are third parties for which he has purchased MWCB training services. The purchaser will be given the identifiers for such coupons confidentially.
  • Enrollment by invitation: When there is a Purchase for Third Parties, such third parties shall confirm their enrollment to the courses by going to the present website, and using the enrollment coupon facilitated by MWCB.

Purchases For Third Parties and the corresponding Enrollment by Invitation shall also be subject the following arrangements:

  • The purchaser pays the entire costs, and the subscriber bears no cost: In this situation, the purchasing User bears 100% of the costs of the training courses and related contents; their use and benefit shall be free from those subscribers who have received the corresponding registration coupons from the purchasing User.
  • The purchaser and the subscriber pay part of the costs: In this situation, the purchasing User bears 50% of the costs of the training courses and related contents; the subscribers who have received the corresponding registration coupons from the purchasing User shall pay the remaining 50% to MWCB.
  • Reservation with no costs to the purchaser, and the subscriber bearing 100% of the costs: In this situation, the purchasing User reserves the spots that he wants to in the training courses and related contents; the subscribers who have received the corresponding registration coupons from the purchasing User shall pay 100% of the costs prior to being used and enjoyed.

MWCB shall issue the corresponding subscription coupons for each aforementioned situation, so that the subscriber is redirected to the corresponding payment option in accordance with the option chosen by the purchasing User.

When confirming attendance to the training courses using the present website, the subscribers shall insert the coupon code which they have been provided, either directly by MWCB (for Direct Purchases), or by the purchasing User (for Purchases for Third Parties), and shall then proceed to payment of the corresponding fees according to the applicable coupon arrangement described above.

Price, costs, and taxes

Every offer of digital content and training services made available on the GoingDigital website will indicate in a detailed manner the product prices, delivery costs, other applicable costs, applicable taxes, and any other information on the total amount of the User’s purchase.

Means of Payment

Online digital content and training services shall be paid by credit card or by using any other alternative means of payments indicated in each specific offer. All means of payment are managed using high security banking systems.

Additional costs: We will only apply costs established by the issuer of the means of payment. Each specific offer shall provide other alternative means of payment that do not constitute an additional cost to the User.

Withdrawal of purchase of digital contents and course enrollments for Direct Purchases made by consumers and users

Download of digital contents

The User shall be able to withdraw from the purchase up to the moment the digital content begins being downloaded or accessed. The User shall find a detailed explanation on how to exercise his withdrawal rights in each specific offer of purchase of digital content.

Enrollment in training courses

Regarding purchases of training services, the User shall have 14 business days from the date the User receives confirmation of his enrollment to withdraw from a course. To proceed with such withdrawal, the User must notify his intention to withdraw his enrollment by email to, within the fourteen business days time frame, and attaching the duly filled out withdrawal document. This document is available with the corresponding information for signing up for each course.

In the event that the User does not exercise his right to withdraw from enrollment to courses according to the aforementioned conditions, the User shall be subject to the cancelation rules described hereafter.

Cancellation Policy of Training Courses

A User who wishes to cancel his registration must do so in writing, at least 14 business days before the start of the training course, in order to have the right to reimbursement of the total amount paid. Where the notification is done between 7 and 14 business days from the date the program is schedule to start, only 50% of the total amount paid shall be reimbursed given the demand and preparation work. Any cancellations made outside of these time frames will not give rise to any reimbursement right whatsoever.

Where a training course is cancelled on initiative of MWCB or any third party MWCB collaborates with, the User shall have the right to full reimbursement of the amounts paid in advance. This shall be limited to the specific courses cancelled by MWCB.

Additional Conditions

  1. a) MWCB shall not be held responsible, under any circumstances, for any travelling or other related costs incurred for attending the courses purchased. The participants should consider purchasing insurance for travel cancelations to cover the exceptional possibility the program is cancelled, or in the event of not being able to attend for personal or professional reasons.
  1. b) Registrations shall be confirmed by email. Spots are limited by invitation and by order of registration. It is imperative to pay the registration fee prior to attending the program.
  1. c) Spots are limited and reserved strictly by order of registration.
  1. d) To receive a diploma or certificate of course attendance, the participant must attend at least 80% of the course hours.
  1. e) Registered participants who are unable to attend the training in its entirery for any reason, shall have the right to designate a substitute participant at no additional cost. However, notice must be given in writing by email to, requesting to designate a substitute participant and providing the full name of the person.
  1. f) MWCB reserves the right to add, modify, or replace scheduled content, location, lecturers, and agenda, in which case an email shall be sent, if considered relevant, to each participant or lecturer at his email address 7 business days before the start of the course. In such a case, the User shall be able to request reimbursement of disbursed amounts where he does not agree with the changes made by MWCB, and must communicate it to MWCB in writing.
  1. g) Where the course is cancelled for any reason, the organizers shall have 30 business days from the notification date to the participants and lecturers to return the full amount of the course.
  1. h) For Purchases for Third Parties, the purchasing User is responsible for the custody and security conditions of the information relating to the Enrollment Coupons provided by MWCB. Additioinally, the purchasing User shall also be responsible for the proper distribution to the persons of interest to the purchasing User.

Any enrollment operation made from an Enrollment Coupon shall be considered valid, and MWCB shall be exonerated from any liability in the event that third persons who are not authorized by the purchasing User access, due to causes which are not attributable to MWCB, information relating to the Enrollment Coupons.

Contractual Information

The following information shall also be applicable without prejudice to the information provided in each specific offer on the specific characteristics of every product, prices, formats, delivery costs, and any other information relevant to the products that you wish to purchase:

Procedure for the conclusion of the contract and for correcting errors

Our portal includes detailed information on procedures and steps required to purchase our products, and for the conclusion of the contract online. Such procedures authorize the User, to correct the errors he has detected, at any moment before confirming his order online.

Should you have any doubts, you may address such queries to

Archive of the electronic document

MWCB stores the electronic documents and records through which the purchases by Users are completed. Such electronic documents and records are not made available to purchasers since Users receive documental confirmation of the purse by email.

Later confirmation by email

Confirmation of the order shall be sent to the User by email within a maximum of 24 hours from the moment the order is placed using the application. This confirmation shall include the full description of the order or purchase, a link to these conditions, and a link to the withdrawal document. The User shall be able to print or save in his computer or device a copy of his order and the present contractual conditions.

Privacy Policy and Use of Image

Acceptance of the present Conditions of Use is linked to acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

Additionally, Users and other individuals participating in face-to-face training courses organized by MWCB or by any third party providing GoingDigital services, authorize the use, reproduction and/or fixation of their image and/or voice, in their entirety or in part, in audiovisual form, graphic-video, photography, in paper, or in any other form, for promotional purposes related to the promotion and transmission of MWCB activities, in any method or medium which MWCB considers suitable, without geographic limitation, time limitation, or any other limitation of any other nature. This authorization shall be granted for free. MWCB shall not be responsible for the opinions expressed in such recordings.

In the event that you do not wish to authorize use of your image for the indicated purposes, you must manifest such opposition at the beginning of every GoingDigital training session to which you have enrolled in.


For additional information, you may reach us by phone at 935157359 or by email at