Laura Gil

Digital Transformation Director


#Transformacióndigital, #Innovación, #CulturaEmpresarial, #SectorBebidas

"Digital transformation must start with a cultural change of the company, but without ever losing its original essence"

Laura Gil is Director of Digital Transformation at Damm. In addition, she is the Corporate Director of the Grupo RODILLA, which includes recognised brands such as Rodilla, Jamaica Coffee Shop and Café de Indias Coffee Shop.

Laura Gil joined the Damm team, as part of the Corporate Finance department, more than 20 years ago. From that time, she pursued a professional career that was always linked to the brewery until January 2012, when she took the leap to Grupo Rodilla, of which Damm is the majority shareholder, to hold the position of Corporate Director.

In recent years, the chain of coffee shops has continued its expansion process, surpassing a hundred premises in Spain.

In 2016, Damm created a department of Digital Transformation, of which Laura Gil assumed command. Since then, some 70 projects have been launched with the intention of changing the company's digital culture both internally and externally.

At GoingDigital, Laura Gil contributes her personal and professional experience in the digital transformation process at Damm, focusing on the most organisational and cultural aspects of the change.