Gunes Kocabag

Senior Innovation Consultant

Claro Partners

#TransformaciónDigital, #Innovación, #DesignThinking, #SectorDiseño, #InnovacióndeMercado

"Design serves to solve challenges."

Gunes Kocabag is an Innovation and Design Consultant at Claro Partners, a company that, by means of social sciences, design and strategy, offers solutions to its clients to create value.

Before joining the Claro Partners team, Gunes Kocabag was Account Manager at Lilo (a Web Design Agency in London), Project Researcher at the London audiovisual production company Peek Productions and Designer at an Italian studio.

Thanks to her extensive and eclectic international academic background (she has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Istanbul, a Master's Degree in Design from the University of Milan and another one in Anthropology from the University of London), she contributes a multicultural and multidisciplinary anthropological vision of research in market innovation.This approach is precisely what she shares at GoingDigital.