Aleix Valls

CEO and Cofounder 

Liquid Co.

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"It is not enough to incorporate technology but we also need to understand its impact and know how to take advantage of it"

Aleix Valls is CEO and Cofounder at Liquid Co. Before taking up this position, he was Managing Director of the business platform for start-ups in the digital sector 4YFN and Managing Director of Mobile World Capital Barcelona until June 2017.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Fluid Mechanics. With more than 15 years of professional experience, he joined the project Mobile World Capital Barcelona in 2012, when he took up the position of Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Three years later, he became the Managing Director at MWC Barcelona and combined this task with his activity in 4YFN.

Previously, Valls worked in the strategic consulting sector, in large firms such as Accenture and The NODE Company. In the field of Engineering, he was a researcher at CIMNE, where he collaborated in projects related to aeronautics.

At GoingDigital, he contributes his extensive experience in the development of initiatives capable of promoting digital transformation.