Javier Creus

Founder & Director

Ideas for Change

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"Business models based on shared resources show much higher levels of efficiency".

Javier Creus is founder of Ideas for Change, an innovation and strategy consulting firm focused on observing social, cultural and technological trends. Javier Creus is also the creator of the growth model known as "Pentagrowth".

He is recognised as one of the main references in collaborative economy and network society in Spain and has participated in setting up numerous projects and services based on the digital society. Among them, of special note is Netipbox, a company offering technological solutions for digital marketing, Digital Mood, a company incubator, and Kubik, a multidisciplinary space. He has also been a Professor at ESADE, and both partner and Director of Strategic Planning at ArnoldFuel agency. He is also co-author of the book No somos hormigas (We Are Not Ants) and Secretary of the Open Knowledge Foundation Spain.

At GoingDigital, he brings his optimistic and transformative vision of the digital society and the potential of the collaborative economy.