Eduardo Di Monte

Security & Business Continuity Director


#Ciberseguridad, #SeguridadDigital, #SectorSeguridad, #ControlIndustrial, #ProteccióndelaInformación

"The cybersecurity approach should be incorporated into the business strategy of companies".

Eduardo Di Monte is Cybersecurity Management and Continuity Director at AGBAR for Spain and Chile.

He is an Engineer in Telecommunications and has an MBA from the EuroMBA Consortium and more than 13 years of experience linked to protection of information and to cybersecurity of organisations and industrial control and automation systems. In addition to the Agbar Group, Eduardo Di Monte has worked for big companies, such as KPMG, NH Hotel Group or Hewlett-Packard.

He is also a member of the advisory board of the Master Degree in Computer Security Techniques at the University of Barcelona, which trains professionals in the most crucial aspects of cybersecurity of organisations, whether public or private. 

At GoingDigital, he brings his extensive knowledge in the field of digital security.