Marc Pous

CEO & IoT Expert


#InternetdelasCosas, #Software, #Tecnología, #SociedadenRed, #Digitalización, #Internet

"The future of the Internet of Things is to find its way to the mainstream society"

Marc Pous is an IT Engineer and founder of thethings.iO, a start-up devoted to enabling the connection to the Internet of different products, machines or means of transport. Thanks to his solutions, he helps companies improve monitoring, control and analytics of goods through the Internet of Things (IoT) without having to develop their own software.

As a researcher, developer and solid promoter of the Internet of Things, he is a member of the IoT Council and is in charge of the dynamisation of Barcelona and Munich communities; with this aim, he organises entrepreneurial events to exchange knowledge and provide cutting-edge solutions. In addition, he is co-organiser of the IoT Stars event held annually in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress.  

At GoingDigital, he shares his insights into the present and future implementation of the Internet of Things and the potential for companies and society.