Carlos Pérez

Head of Information Technology & Attorney


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"Industry loses 800 million euros due to the use of illegal software in companies".

Carlos Pérez is the partner in charge of IT, Risk and Compliance at ECIJA, named the best firm for technology of the information and intellectual property in 2017 by Forbes magazine.

Having graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona and completed the Development Executive Master Programme from ESADE, he is also Associate Professor of the Master Programme in Intellectual Property and Information Society at the school.

Throughout his professional career, of more than 20 years, he has advised leading Spanish and international companies on compliance with the regulations associated with intellectual property and laws governing information and communication technologies. One of his most recent assignments has been to act as a consultant to one of the leading banks in Spain on the drafting of its Binding Corporate Rules.

At GoingDigital, he helps raise awareness of the importance of acquiring knowledge of the legal aspects of data management and how to incorporate them into digital initiatives to ensure compliance.