Ariel Guersenzvaig

Phd. Director Master in Design & Communication


#Diseño, #TransformaciónDigital, #ÉticadelDiseño, #DiseñoyTecnología, #ExperienciadeUsuario

"We need to explore concepts through experiences. Value, learn and experience once more”.

Ariel Guersenzvaig is a Designer, Professor and Researcher at the School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona ELISAVA (Pompeu Fabra University). His areas of expertise are theory and methodology of design, services design, and ethics of design and technology. At Elisava, he is the Director of two Master programmes related to these fields: one on design and communications research and the other focused on user experience and design for optimising digital transformation.  

He also works as an Independent Consultant Designer in the service sector and acts as a consultant to public and private organisations on issues relating to innovation and ethical digital transformation.

Guersenzvaig has a PhD in Design Theory from the University of Southampton (UK), a Diploma in Advanced Studies from the University of Barcelona and a Degree in Information and Communication from Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

At GoingDigital, he shares his vast knowledge of how design can influence such key aspects as user experience or other areas related to digitisation.