Oriol Marimon



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"In Barcelona, people still need to be made aware of how effective collaborative mobility services are"

Oriol Marimón is the Executive Director of eCooltra, the first service via app for shared motorbikes, which is the largest fleet of electric motorbikes with the highest per minute use in Europe.

Although his first professional steps were taken in the world of marketing and consulting, in 2010, he was in charge of organising the first 3 Day Start Up Barcelona and, since then, his entrepreneurial spirit has led him to participate in the founding and management of various companies and organisations linked to new technologies and apps, such as Asociación Catalunya Apps, the mobile marketing company Mobisfera, of which he was CEO, and eCooltra.

Having taken a Degree and an MBA in Finance from the Business and Law School ESADE, Oriol Marimón brings to GoingDigital his personal experience in creation and development of business projects linked to new technologies and his particular view on the smart mobility sector.