David Costa

Co-Founder & CIO


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"To change mobility in cities, innovative technological solutions must be created where citizens are at the centre of the equation”

David Costa is co-founder and current Information Technologies Director of the technology company Nektria. Specialising in process and software development, Nektria focuses on solving many of the common issues in last mile delivery, through experience optimisation and improvement.

Having graduated in Engineering from UPC, Costa has been working for 9 years with a focus on urban mobility, systems optimisation and development of models for shared consumption. He has been involved in Nektria development since it was initially founded. Recently, his company has been able to raise 2 million Euros in a round of investment, attracting venture capital from all over the world.

At GoingDigital, he contributes his experience in innovation and mobility and his particular view on the paradigm shift of logistics in smart cities.