Elizabeth Gordillo

Project Manager

Fundació TicSalut

#Salud, #Telemedicina, #Teleasistencia, #SectorSalud, #Digitalizacion, #TecnologíasdelaInformación

"In the processes of evolution, only those who adapt (and learn) are the ones who survive"

Elizabeth Gordillo is Project Manager at the TicSalut Foundation, an entity that raises the profile of initiatives related to new technologies and health in Catalonia. The objective: to encourage the development of innovative support services in telemedicine, telecare and telerehabilitation.

Ms Gordillo holds a PhD in Medicine and Molecular Biology from the University of Guadalajara (Mexico) and a post-doctorate Degree in Nutrigenomic Research from the August Pi i Sunyer Institute for Biomedical Research. She is also a visiting professor in the Master's Degree in Molecular Nutrition and Intelligent Food Design at the University of Monterrey (Mexico).  

At GoingDigital, she brings her insights into the process of digitisation of healthcare in Catalonia, its challenges and opportunities.