Felip Miralles

Director of eHealth Unit


#TIC, #SectorSanitario, #I+D #MedicinaPersonalizada #SanidadParticipativa #SanidadPreventiva #SanidadPredictiva

"ICT will also enable us to improve diagnosis, patient stratification, management of pathologies, and prediction of the future evolution of each patient's disease to determine the best treatment available for each individual".

Felip Miralles is an expert in the Development of ICT and R&D projects related to the Healthcare Sector.He holds a Degree in Computer Science from the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia), a Master's Degree in Information Systems from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a PhD in Engineering and Advanced Technologies from the University of Barcelona.

His experience includes project leadership, both in the public and private sector, aimed at applying technology to state of the art products or services that bring us closer to personalised medicine and participative, preventive and predictive healthcare.