Pep Lluis de la Rosa


Centre Tecnio Easy Innova

#innovacion #investigacion #monedasocial #SocialCoin #blockchain

"Progress in the form of entrepreneurship, as a science, should be our contribution to leadership towards (what should be) a better world”

Pep Lluis de la Rosa is Director at the Centre Tecnio Easy Innova, a research centre at Girona University specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Social Search, Digital Preservation and Social Currency.

Linked to technological research projects for over 17 years, his career began at the University of Girona as an Associate Professor.

After a two-year period in New York focusing on researching date auctions and SAC wiki as an Associate Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute University, he returned to his native Girona to lead different projects related to technology development and innovation in social currency.

Currently, he is a Professor at Girona University and leads the Centre Tecnio Easy Innova, where he is continuing his research on the development of different technology projects.

At GoingDigital, he brings his enthusiasm for changing the world and his knowledge in the field of Digital Transformation applied to social search, complementary (virtual) currency and digital preservation.