José Manuel Pérez

Founder & CTO


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"Currently, companies creating products for the Internet of Things still have a lot to develop, and nearly everything from scratch.”

José Manuel Pérez is Founder and Chief Technology Officer of This Barcelona start-up provides its clients with a platform which allows them to connect and interact with their hardware through the Internet of Things.

Having taken a Degree in Computer Engineering from UPC, José Manuel Pérez has been specialised in web application development and technology start-ups for more than a decade. Prior to founding, along with Marc Pous, he launched the start-up Small Squid, of which he was CEO for 5 years until he sold it to BlogStudio in 2011.  Previously, he was a Programmer Analyst and SEO executive at Atrápalo, one of the largest eCommerce start-ups in Spain.

At GoingDigital, he contributes his comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the technology sector and, specifically, the digital transformation of the Internet of Things.