Xavier Foz


Roca Junyent

#TransformaciónDigital, #Blockchain, #Fintech, #Sectorfinanciero, #Banking, #DerechoMercantil

"The Blockchain has singular elements, making it a catalyst for a real disruption, which can affect not only all economic sectors but also society itself.”

Xavier Foz is an expert Banking and Financial Lawyer and partner of Roca Junyent law firm. 

Having obtained a Degree in Law from Pompeu Fabra University and a Master's Degree in Corporate Finance and Law from ESADE, Foz has spent more than 15 years pursuing his professional career in the field of mercantile law, especially in banking and finance. His professional experience has recently gained him recognition as the best Banking and Finance Lawyer of 2017. In his work as educator, he is an Associate Professor of Mercantile Law at UPF and Professor in the Master's Degree in Law at IDEC-UPF.

At GoingDigital, Xavier Foz shares his knowledge of Blockchain, finance and Fintech from the perspective of mercantile law.