Alex Puig


Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem

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"Blockchain makes it possible to reproduce in the digital world what we have in the physical world”.

Alex Puig is CEO at Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem and founder of Digital Currency Summit, the first conference on virtual currencies for the financial world aimed at encouraging government defence and the strategic development of this market. The event also aims to disseminate knowledge about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and bitcoin technologies.

Puig, who is an Engineer in Telecommunications at La Salle, began his professional career as a software developer but soon took to entrepreneurship by creating ShoTools, a company that develops digital tools for managing social networks. After 4 years in charge of the company, he finally took the leap into the world of blockchain and digital coins through his experience with Blockchain Space and Next Money. After that, he founded Fintech Barcelona, which organises conferences and debates on the financial sector and technology seeking to provide a space where the digital economy of tomorrow can be sketched.

At GoingDigital, he brings his holistic view of the digital financial sector and the potential of cryptocurrencies.