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Discover the opportunities
of the digital era

Live the experience, now is the time!

GoingDigital helps you to discover and fully embrace Digital Transformation through experience-based learning programmes with hands-on workshops, inspiring tours, real business case discussions and round table debates.

Because we know the key to deep understanding is a hands-on experience where sector knowledge and technical expertise are combined for maximum impact.



Guided visits to discover innovative solutions, real deployments and technology trends.



Hands-on workshops in groups aimed at applying and integrating key digitalization concepts.



Inspiring presentations, seminars and visionary content that promote the interaction and debate around digitalization related topics.



Practical examples presented by first-movers who are already meeting the customers’ new digital needs.

¿Who is GoingDigital for?

People are the key lever of change in organisations. We call upon professionals from diverse disciplines to give you the tools you need to become challengers and drive digital opportunities in your organisations.

  • Executives of traditional companies who want to drive Digital Transformation.
  • Executives who are experienced in digitalization but who want to take on a more strategic approach.

¿Who are our Experts?

Our team of experts consist of the best professionals of diverse profiles, who together offer a comprehensive knowledge of Digital Transformation.

  • Visionaries of the new digital economy.
  • References of the innovation ecosystem.
  • Experts in emerging technologies.
  • Executives that have led Digital Transformation in their companies.
  • Entrepreneurs of digital Startups.

Gain a 360º view of your sector’s digital ecosystem

We offer insights into the digital trends and innovations specific to your sector as well as other digitalization aspects such as disruptive technologies, new legal aspects and innovative business models.



Trends and their impact on consumer behaviours, markets and businesses.



New business models, their conditions and paradigm shifts.



Tools, partners and conditions to facilitate the application of new business models.

GoingDigital Community

GoingDigital is a community, born from Mobile World Capital Barcelona, that brings together the most relevant players in the digital ecosystem to promote collaborations, connections and business interactions. All this to accelerate digitalization.

By participating in one of our programmes you will be able to interact with Digital Transformation experts, meet entrepreneurs, share experiences with visionary executives and be part of a community created to help you lead the change in your company.

Over 100 companies are already part of the Community.

Connect with a thriving network to accelerate the change in your company.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona drives the mobile and Digital Transformation of society while helping improve people’s lives globally, through initiatives such as GoingDigital.

With support of the public and private sector throughout Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain, it focuses on three areas: the empowerment of new generations, professionals and citizens in the use of digital technologies; the digital transformation of industries; and the acceleration of innovation through digital-based entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Mobile World Capital Barcelona hosts the Mobile World Congress and delivers 4YFN (4YearsFromNow), a business platform for the Startup community. It is a rich and powerful ecosystem in which GoingDigital acts as a facilitator to help professionals lead Digital Transformation change.