Three Views on the Future of the Mobility Sector

Published : 05/29/2018 11:06:41
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Three Views on the Future of the Mobility Sector


Within the framework of The Connected Vehicle in the Mobility Business - Mobile World Congress programme, in collaboration with ACCIÓthe keys to the future of the mobility sector are presented by three experts: Elisabeth Martínez, CEO at Conector Startup Accelerator; Iván Burgos, Connected Car Manager at Porsche Ibérica; and José Loring, General Manager at AVANCAR.


The Car of the Future

During her talk, Elisabeth Martínez, CEO of Conector Startup Accelerator presents the car of the future as a vehicle that will be characterised as:

  •       self-driving;
  •       electric;
  •       connected;
  •       and shared.


The expert anticipates a future when not only will we travel in this type of car, but trips may be free thanks to collaboration in package distribution.


"In the future, transport will be free". 

Elisabeth Martínez



The Creation of Smart Cars


Iván Burgos, Connected Car Manager at Porsche Ibérica, begins his talk by asking why to continue innovating in this sector. The answer, in this case, lies first in the brand DNA, which requires innovation and also, in the new user. This user is part of an ultra-connected society, who spends part of his or her time having digital experiences that must not be interrupted when getting into the car.


 “Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult”. 

Dr Ferdinand Porsche


At Porsche, innovation is currently linked to the implementation of IoT and, to this end, an internal methodology is followed. Iván Burgos details it step by step:


  •       Proposing areas of added value to be worked on: electrification and smart transport, maintenance and/or telematic services.
  •       Defining values to be transmitted with these services: customisation, luxury, sportiness, intuitive operations, etc.
  •       Choosing suitable strategic partners: An isolated brand cannot generate all the services that the user demands. It is necessary to create a collaborative ecosystem in order to cover everything.
  •       Through this partner network, working on brand values and particular services based on the model and values for the consumer to create new innovative services. 


Iván Burgos defines the creation of Porsche Accelerator in Spain as one of the brand's latest innovation challenges.



Keys to the Future of Mobility


José Loring, General Manager at AVANCAR, starts his talk by explaining that not everyone needs to own a car. Most owners use their car only 4% of the time annually, which works out at approximately €20 per hour for their vehicle. By using the Car Sharing model, this cost is reduced to €1.5; not to mention the social benefits linked to health thanks to reduction of pollution, traffic, and other harmful aspects.


"Our mission is to achieve a future where there are more carpools than individually owned cars".

José Loring


Based on these and other current trends such as sustainability, pay-per-use and smart cities, José Loring explains the three key trends in the mobility sector:


  •       Mobility on demand: a real mobility solution even for those who make daily use of a car, but do not want to own one. 
  •       Intermodality: combining different models to adapt the service to the customer's needs.
  •       Electric fleets: taking sustainable mobility to another level by integrating 100% electric fleets.


At the round table debate, views on the future of the electric car were shared. The key, according to José Loring, is to contribute to improving the environment.


Three experts, three visions of the future of mobility and a lot of keys that can be applied to every business idea. Follow our programmes and don't miss the latest trends in the digitisation of your sector.