The Power of Connectivity in the Mobility Business

Published : 11/6/2017 17:22:48
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Digital transformation has reached all sectors, and transport is no exception.As part of The Power of Connectivity in the Mobility Business programme, in collaboration with ACCIÓ, Carlos Cuffí, Digital Transformation Director at MWCB, explains what hacks we have at our disposal to revolutionise this sector.

José Nascimiento, Head of SEAT Metropolis Lab Barcelona, part of the Volkswagen Group, talks to us about automatic cars and also about the metropolitan areas of the future.  

In this presentation, he explains 3 of the major trends to keep in mind:

  •         Fully autonomous vehicles.
  •         Connectivity. 
  •         Data sharing.

As he explains in his speech, one trend inevitably leads to another.If vehicles are to be fully autonomous, they will have to be connected, and once they are connected, they will share data as we move towards a collaborative economy (sharing a car for the same route, saving money and time).


And how can we materialise all these inspirational ideas?

In the workshop led by Albert Castelltort and Pol Hortal, participants have applied new ideas to the mobility sector. By using GoingDigital’s methodology, they rediscover their sector from a new perspective, identifying new business opportunities and coming up with innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the customer 2.0.


Which companies are representative of this digital change?

eCooltra and Nektria are two companies that have managed to adapt to new digital trends.In their presentations, they shared their experiences, their understanding of the digital ecosystem and how they approach the opportunities for growth and integration offered by their sector. Oriol Marimón explained how eCooltra provides innovative digital-based mobility services, and David Costa, from Nektria, talked in detail about the new technologies at the service of logistics.

eCooltra is the Europe's leading motorcycle sharing service, with a fleet of more than 2,000 electric motorcycles now available in four cities:Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Rome. It allows users to pay only for the minutes they use the motorcycle and forget about the main problems associated with owning one (insurance, battery, helmets and maintenance are all included in the service).

With regards to Nektria, a company providing logistics solutions, David Costa explained the concept of Mobility on Demand, which involves fleet optimisation, a way of interacting with demand in order to monitor how this is spread in real time.A revolutionary system that enables companies to optimise resources, time and money.

We ended the session with a round-table where both participants and speakers could bridge the gap, share their experiences, and discuss in detail some of the most interesting and relevant issues which emerged during the GoingDigital programme.