The Dawn of a New Industrial Era

Published : 11/6/2017 17:06:02
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The programme about Industry 4.0, The Dawn of the new Industrial Era, in collaboration with ACCIÓ, has answered many of the questions posed by executives of the sector:What are the applications of Industry 4.0? What does it mean?What examples can we find?And most importantly of all, how can it affect my business and my day to day routines?

The session opened with Carlos Cuffí's speech, where he encouraged us to be digital hackersAn enlightening talk which is an eye-opener on how we can undergo a digital transformation.

"If you can dream it, you can print it in 3D" - Felip Fenollosa

In his speech, Felip Fenollosa sets out the endless possibilities 3D printing offers.What are its applications? What impact will the change have? The following are three brief outlines:

  • Acceleration of the design process: single pieces and greater control of production (remote control, assuring quality, avoiding possible problems, etc.).
  • Production in everyone's hands: anyone can produce an object.What was once in the hands of industry is now at everyone’s disposal.
  • Endless applications: from designs which were previously unthinkable because a traditional mould impeded this, to biomedical applications that have revolutionised the sector.

An industry in full expansion that makes it possible to create anything that can be imagined.  In our post about this conference, we will tell you even more.


3D printing is very good but...  How do you become a digital hacker?

In the workshop headed by Albert Castelltort, Innovation Strategy & Management expert at MWCB, and Pol Hortal, Growth & Marketing expert at MWCB, all the participants came up with excellent ideas.It is really important to be able to put theory into practice to start experimenting with digital transformation.


Some have already taken the plunge into transformation:Quality Espresso and theThings.IO

Adam Giralt, Executive Sales Director at Quality Espresso, makes it clear that digital transformation can be the key to differentiation from the competition.A coffee machine can be made by many manufacturers, but what about a smart coffee machine capable of providing information on consumption habits?This is where the real value lies.

In his presentation, Manuel Pérez, CTO Maverick at theThings.IO, gives some examples of how products which were previously unconnected have been enhanced with connectivity, thereby offering greater knowledge, value and personalisation.From elevators to swimming pools, data capture can be a very powerful tool in the struggle to win first place in the race for success.Find out more in our post about real cases in the industry sector.

And after all this information, who doesn’t feel like taking the plunge?