Industry 4.0 Tour at the Mobile World Congress

Published : 05/16/2018 17:39:06
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Industry 4.0 Tour at the Mobile World Congress


As part of the Dawn of a New Industrial Era - Mobile World Congress programme, in collaboration with ACCIÓ, we have organised the MWC Tour "Discover Real Innovative Solutions and Their Impact on Business". A tour of the Congress with a stop at the stands of the most relevant companies in the industry 4.0. 


What is Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory?

This is the name given to digital transformation applied to the production industry.

For many years there has been talk about the impact of the Internet of things (IoT) on industries such as energy or infrastructure under the concept of Smart Cities. It is now time to talk about "Smart Industry" or industry 4.0.


Main Stands of Industry 4.0 at MWC


As factories begin to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT), the volume of data increases and computing is forced to be more cognitive to process, analyse and optimise information appropriately. IBM responds to this need with its WATSON IoT platform. A solution that helps companies extract more value from data to optimise operations.  



In 2017, SAP launched several IoT-related solutions. These new solutions incorporate the latest advances in Big Data and analytics (SAP Leonardo), as well as the capacity to connect people, things and companies (SAP Cloud Platform). Besides, there are technologies such as machine learning, to establish IoT strategies and Industry 4.0 in the areas of asset management, manufacturing and digital logistics.



Computing has been evolving and occupying new markets, migrating from traditional computing platforms (PCs, servers) to the factory, wearables, etc. Intel is innovating and leading this sector. 



Oracle Communications offers integrated cloud communication solutions to help companies accelerate their voyage to Digital Transformation by enabling them to connect, participate, and monetise their services.



NTT Docomo is a technology company that helps companies by offering innovation on the way to digitisation. In the field of Industry/Manufacturing, NTT Docomo offers various digital technology solutions to drive innovation in manufacturing. 



Wipro is a technology and services company. It defines frameworks of reference to accelerate the transition to the digital and connected world. It has innovative solutions in real time analytics, IoT and virtual reality, designed to help transform the telecom industry.



Fujitsu INTELLIEDGE Edge Computing Appliance enables the optimisation of industrial processes for Industry 4.0, connecting data and resources to people and devices safely, as well as narrowing the gap between field-based operating technology (OT) and cloud-based and local IT.



Accent Systems offers its customers proximity technology solutions. Its main business is the wireless device market operating with Bluetooth, Wifi and Sigfox, but especially Beacon technology (iBeacon and Eddystone). Since the arrival of beacons in 2013, Accent has opted for this promising technology and is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of iBeacon and Eddystone, offering quality services for large technology deployments.



Cisco IoT is a leader on the global IoT platform. Cisco's approach to the Internet of Things (IoT) is more than just "things" ‒ it's about meeting the changing needs and expectations of customers with new services, experiences and business models that deliver growth in results. 



Finally, the tour ends with a visit to another of the great Chinese companies in the mobile technology sector, Huawei. Through a demo, they show how they are innovating in the development of robots for manufacturing applications.