From Traditional to Connected Health

Published : 11/6/2017 17:16:29
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The programme From Traditional to Connected Health, in collaboration with ACCIÓ, opens with Carlos Cuffí’s inspirational speech, where he gives his particular insight into the digital revolution, its impact on Health 4.0., and the way in which different companies in the health sector are approaching the opportunities which this paradigm shift presents.

  "In this Digital Transformation, the keyword is not Digital, but Transformation".

- David Labajo

David Labajo explains that transformation is inevitable and demonstrates this citing different companies in the health sector that have either been able to transform themselves or were born thanks to this transformation.The key?Placing the user at the centre through techniques such as Design Thinking or the Customer Journey Map, where user's needs are taken as a starting point, and not the company's needs. 


Which hacks can be applied to the health sector?

As a result of the workshop headed by Albert C. Mikkelsen and Pol Hurtado, innovative proposals have emerged from the two groups: hospital and pharmaceutical.Together, they have been able to open their minds and come up with different proposals that connect with this transformation.


Some have already initiated this process of transformation:

  • Albert Giralt, General Manager at Avient, offers a great example of how to take advantage of digital transformation to move forward.In the case of Avient, starting from the manufacturing of dental prostheses, they have succeeded in taking advantage of 3D printing technology to go one step further.What used to be science fiction, for example, printing protheses or obtaining perfect reconstructions,is now a reality.
  • Elisabeth Gordillo from TICSALUT Foundation, has explained how to transform patient care processes by applying technology, a good example of how to place the patient at the centre by understanding their needs first and then creating the necessary ecosystem of services.

In this way, the programme From Traditional to Connected Health demonstrates both theoretically and in a really practical way that the digital revolution is already a fact. Joining it or falling behind is a business decision, but what is clear is that Health 4.0 is already a reality.