Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector

Published : 05/29/2018 11:09:10
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Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector

In The Revolution of the Digital Experience - Mobile World Congress programme, organised in collaboration with ACCIOwe received the Digital Transformation expert Marc Cortés, General Manager and Academic Collaborator at RocaSalvatella; Alberto Cuevas, VP Business Operations at Letgo; Iago Novoa, Head of Business Intelligence also at Letgo; and Rodolfo Casero, Regional Manager at Leroy Merlín. Together they give us a cutting-edge and almost futuristic view of digitisation in this sector's businesses.



The Seven Main Challenges to the Retail Sector


During his presentation on "Creation of Value Experiences in the Digital Age", Marc Cortés has presented the major challenges of digitisation in the retail sector: 


  1. The human device: facial and voice recognition.
  2. Price as a competitive variable.
  3. Integration in physical spaces.
  4. Less information, more relevant and actionable.
  5. Efficient distribution.
  6. Zero friction between channels.
  7. The “servification” of products.


On reflection, he adds that "technological pyrotechnics is not the answer". Technology applications are really valuable when the focus is not on technology, but on the user. 



The Importance of Physical Space: Leroy Merlin


In his talk, Rodolfo Casero from Leroy Merlín argues in favour of the importance of physical outlets in digitisation. Marc Cortés had already commented on this during his presentation: "The physical space is a unique opportunity to integrate technology and create new and innovative user experiences”. 

"The customer, when it comes to receiving advice, opts for the physical store”.

Rodolfo Casero


Leroy Merlin is committed to physical location as long as three factors are taken into account:


1. Product hyper-availability

Users want to meet their needs as soon as possible. To satisfy these requirements in the shortest possible time, it is always necessary to have a large quantity and variety of products available. In this sense, Leroy Merlin has more than 35,000 products available to users in 70 physical points of sale, only in Spain.



2. The creation of customer experiences

Users are looking for much more than just a product, they are looking for a satisfying and consistent experience in all channels. Leroy Merlin works to create omnichannel customer experiences around the product, through tests, events or workshops, so as to offer that extra value to its customers.


3. Complex solutions

At the point of sale, solving the most complicated customer challenges is crucial. Customers can hang a picture by themselves, but redesigning a bathroom is an added value service. With Leroy Merlin's project design tools, users can quickly and easily carry out the design of their project with the help of qualified personnel.



Technology Applied to Classifieds: Letgo


Alberto Cuevas, VP Business Operations, who is joined by Iago Novoa, Head of Business Intelligence, explains Letgo's success story.


Letgo was born from the idea of improving an existing business: classifieds. The application of technology to this business idea led to an online platform for buying and selling second-hand products


After two years of activity, Letgo has a team of more than 180 people, with offices in Barcelona and New York, and is 70% “top of mind” in the United States. There, it has joined forces with another major player in the sector, Wallapop, and they are now the platform of reference when someone wants to sell a used product. But how has it grown by leaps and bounds in just two years? Through data analysis. 


Iago Novoa, Head of Business Intelligence, leads the team of experts associated with Big Data: Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Backend Engineer or Product Manager, to mention a few. This team is responsible for applying Artificial Intelligence to better acquire, activate and retain users.


The application currently has over 6 billion events per month and a large amount of data which is the key to further improving user experience.


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